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This converter will take your CMYK colour code input to convert the values and find the best matching RAL colour. The accuracy of this conversion highly depends on the proximity of your CMYK color code to any color from the RAL color system. You can also browse our colour tools section for more converting options.

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• RAL Colours usually have CMYK codes associated with them, based on this knowledge we can approximate any CMYK variation to find the closest RAL match.

• CMYK color codes consist of four numbers, each representing the intensity of the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black components.This principle works great for printing and it can be expanded to RAL colour schemes like RAL Classic and RAL Design.

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Convert CMYK to RAL

There are way more CMYK colors than RAL colors, so converting CMYK to RAL does not necessarily guaranty very accurate match. However, it is reasonable to assume that your CMYK code will produce acceptable results for most use cases like extracting RAL color from some picture or design color library.

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