RAL Color picker from image

Using RAL Color picker tool

RAL Color palette can be extracted from an image.

This RAL color picker will extract the matching color of an image that you upload. Just add your file here and pick any region containing desired color. Results will show up on the lower part of this page pointing you to specific colors on RAL Classic and also RAL Design color charts.

Upload your image file here:
Step 1: Upload your file; Step 2: Point and click anywhere on the image; Step 3: See the colors below;
This tool is powered by color from picture @ colorfrompicture.com
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    what its the color

    • admin

      Could you please provide more details about the color you’re referring to? Any additional context or specifics would be helpful in assisting you effectively.

    • Avatar

      What ral code is this colour

      • RALColours

        Hope this answers your “What ral code is this colour” question:
        Step 1. Find [Browse] button on the upper part this page. Use it to upload your image file. It can be an image that you previously saved, a screenshot or even a photo of a real world object painted in RAL colours.
        Step 2. Once the file is uploaded, it will be displayed on the digital canvas, allowing you to use your mouse pointer to pinpoint a specific area where your desired color is visible.
        Step 3. Each mouse click snaps the pixel color underneath the mouse pointer, you can pick as many colors as needed.
        Step 4. A list of RAL colors appears below your uploaded image. You will get matching RAL Classic colours on the left column and also RAL Design for more precise matches on the right column.
        Step 5. You now have a list of RAL colors extracted from an image.


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