What is RAL colour chart?

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The RAL colour chart, or the “RAL colours”, is a specialized chart created by the RAL colour Institute to display different colours of paint, powder, varnish, plastics, etc. This chart is the standart one used when choosing colours with which to paint your walls, varnish for furniture, architecture, road safety, industry and construction.

In addition to the classic chart, named RAL k7 and including 213 standart, regular colours with no particular sheen or shimmer you can also get the glassy chart, the metallic one, the pearly one… depending on what kind of colours suit your needs, and the RAL Institute has even invented a special software so web developers can display paint colours properly on the website of their clients.

If you want to get an approved, official RAL colour standart you need to check for the special hologram that all the official RAL products feature since 2013 to make counterfeits difficult to produce.

RAL Colour charts

These RAL Colour charts contain all swatches within each categorised set along with number codes or names (if assigned) in every language available (Including English, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish).